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7th House Perfumes

Bespoke Scent Stories by Suzy Larsen

your life, your stories, your scent

This is your story only through perfume.  What are the scents that have had the most impact on your life?  If we could represent your life through scent what would yours contain.  Through a consultation with Suzy Larsen, you'll re-discover the scents that have had the most impact on your life.  It's you, only bottled!  Suzy Larsen will be your guide in uncovering those memories and corresponding scents that have created your own Scent Story.

Bespoke:  Classic

Choose this option if you'd like a scent story created with purely natural essences.

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Bespoke:  Modern

Choose this option if you'd like to explore a scent story perfume created with both naturals and eco-friendly synthetics. 

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Soul Scent

Choose this option if you'd like Suzy Larsen to create a Scent Story perfume based on your astrological chart.

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Signature Wedding Scent

All it takes is one scent to bring

back a 1000 memories.  Smell and emotion are stored as one memory so this special scent will help transport you and your guests back to the beauty and love witnessed on your wedding day.  This option requires at least 4 months time since there will be multiple consultations plus samples to explore.  Includes a 2ml size sample spray for each guest and one 15ml perfume for you to share with your spouse.

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